Making Soap

I like to make soap from scratch. Perhaps you think, “Why would you waste time making soap when you can buy it quicker and easier?” There are a couple of reasons. First I think making soap is like a miracle. You take fat, which no one likes and add lye and turn it into something wonderful that makes you clean. I had a friend who lived through WWII. Most people do not know this but there was a soap shortage during World War Two. After it was over he hoarded soap. He has thousands of bars of soap stored all over his house. So perhaps if there is ever another soap shortage in the world I will be safe because I know how it make it. You need lye but if that is not available you can use ashes. All you need is fat and ashes and water. It is comforting to know that I will always have access to soap.

Here is the easiest recipe ever. After you try this you can make up your own recipes. Here is the formula.