Why I dislike the Boston Marathon

When I was 17 years old I won the Maryland Marathon. (Here is the link of the reults to prove it.) After the race I got invited to the after party for the Elites. I was so excited and honored. There was an old man there, Mr. Biltmore. He owned the Biltmore Hotels in Baltimore where the race was run. Because I won the race he offered to sponsor me to fly to Boston and run the Boston Marathon, which was the next weekend. I was under the qualifying time, BUT Boston would not let me in. They said I had to qualify at least 10 days before to be allowed in, so instead I ran the Washington DC Marathon the next weekend and I won that too. That was a great moment.

Years later I ran Boston with my brother and some friends but I was older and out of shape and my knee started hurting. I got a terrible time. So much for Boston. They did not let me run it when I was an Elite. Oh Well, I got two victories in two weeks. I probably never would have won Boston.